My Approach

Creating change in your life can be challenging, but tremendously rewarding. In order for change to occur you need an ally, someone who will be on your side, and a safe space where you can pause and consider. I think of therapy as offering that breathing space to consider your life so far, and to look towards what’s ahead. At times a crisis may propel you toward seeking help; but often, there may be simply an awareness that life could be better, if only there existed a kind of understanding.

As a licensed psychotherapist with a holistic perspective, I work with adults to address troubling issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. Traumatic experiences, such as the the loss of a loved one, or an abusive relationship, may continue to color life until placed into proper perspective. Concern with sexuality, identity, and relationships are areas that may also prove troubling. Talking through and untangling difficult experiences can provide that perspective.

I have a particular interest in resolving inhibitions and insecurities that are barriers to creative expression and successful relationships. Artists, writers, performers, and others for whom creativity is an important aspect of their life, if not their career, are welcome. I fine-tune my approach to best fit each individual, and welcome client input and feedback.

People of all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, races, and sexual orientations are welcome, particularly individuals who feel themselves to be outside of the mainstream. Many attend weekly sessions, while those wishing deeper or more accelerated change seek more frequent visits. Session frequency can also be adjusted to provide more support during times of crisis.